Investing in Impact: A Look at Market-Based Systems Change

A new report, in collaboration with the Trico Foundation, on how social entrepreneurs are addressing social challenges at scale by using specific design principles to animate market forces.

Ashoka Social Financial Services Partners with Trico Foundation

Ashoka and Trico Foundation have partnered to develop a new Social Finance Framework.


"Twin Cities RISE! helped me grow tremendously as a person and I use the lessons I learned both at work and in my personal life." SIE Fellow Steve Rothschild is changing how society empowers the underprivileged like Patrice.


Having overcome abuse and violence, Rena has completed her first year at Fisk University with Lumni's help and started her second year. SIE Fellow Felipe Vergara is investing in the future of dedicated students like Rena.


SIE Fellows are pursuing innovative approaches to access new sources of capital and use market dynamics to create social impact.
Written By: John Walker, Adjunct Professor, Columbia Business School Access to appropriate and affordable financing is a major hurdle for proven social enterprises looking to scale their impact. Existing financing platforms, such as the traditional debt markets, are not...
Four out of five women in Burkina Faso cannot read or write. These women also face many legal and social restrictions that discourage property ownership and access to credit, and as a result limit equal standing in their communities. Realizing this grim reality, Marceline...
When Ashoka Fellow Paul Rice was working as a rural development specialist in Nicaragua during the 1980’s, he recognized that small coffee farmers in Estelí, Nicaragua faced incredible challenges to get their products to market, including lack of access to transport,...

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January 23, 2014
The "father" of venture capital in the United Kingdom, Sir Ronald Cohen, also helped give birth to important innovations in social investment: In his own remarkable, inspirational words: "I believe we are now in the early days of a social revolution. A rising wave of social...
October 3, 2013
Although thousands of organizations in the citizen sector have invested significant time and resources to address the world’s social problems, few have been successful in eradicating them. In fact, recent studies have revealed that many of these problems have not only...
October 2, 2013
Like many of our colleagues in the citizen sector, we believe that social finance can significantly increase the impact of organizations. And, like many others, we believe that social investing has not reached the realm of what is possible. For a number of years, Ashoka...

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